S.B.S. Samothrakitis Shipping LTD

S.B.S. Samothrakitis Shipping LTD was established in 1973 and since then we are in the field of Marine activities with many years of experience and Goodwill.

S.B.S. Samothrakitis shipping ltd is an independent company, specialized in overseas transportation plus the availability of extended storage (full equipped wareh ouses some 2.000 sq.meters), distribution and customs brokerage facilities.

With our team of competent and enterprising staff members, who have the proper experience in the finer concepts of international shipping trade, we assure you of the very best services.


Transfers are completed in the shortest possible time, without additional delays.


Safety and security for our customers at every stage of transport.


Ensure timely transport of goods with an advanced quality system

Vision and Mission

Our twenty-four years vision remains the same.

A vision not only on the customer, but also his needs in relation to the shipping sector. Our vision is also to be an economically robust and dynamic shipping company that offers security to our customers, helping them to prosper at every stage of transport.


The philosophy of SBS Shipping Ltd is based on the maximum satisfaction of its customers. To meet this goal, the company offers high quality and competitive services.

Our staff

What makes SBS Shipping Ltd's staff great , is their long experience and dedication to providing high quality services. More than 16 staff members compose  a dynamic and powerful team of young and talented people with experience in the transport industry.


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We are the exclusive representative of the shipping lines SBS SHIPPING LINES LTD in Greece. Its ability to identify and execute the most appropriate transport solutions has proven successful in the needs and expectations of its customers.

SBS Shipping Ltd.

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Olympou (2nd side str)
57009 Kalochori
Thessaloniki ,

Phone: +30 2310 523 116

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