Sealine to Cyprus

In the year 2000, our company SBS Samothrakitis Shipping Ltd has successfully commenced a new line between Greece and Cyprus with all the right services and necessary requirements, a line to become a synonym for marine transport in the area of the Eastern Mediterranean.

This line has the capacity to meet and serve efficiently all the hard demands of today's market, on a weekly basis, with a combination of Containers & Loose cargo, in one shipment.

A point of top importance is that in order a line is considered successful and trustworthy under difficult conditions, relies mainly on its vessels. Our vessels are no more than 15 years old of age and fully covered by P&I CLUB, a fact which ensures & provides an extra insurance of high standards level.

Along with this new line, our company is in a position to provide solutions for bulk cargoes around the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Red Sea & the Baltic, with reasonable Freights and reliable Shipowners.

SBS Shipping Ltd.

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