Full Container

Being the top transport solution over the last 35 years, container is the most efficient and reliable mean of transport, which has the unique ability to move all over the world either by sea, road, rail or combined transport.

In this outstanding field, our company has been experienced and organized to provide excellent containers services, such as:

  • Inland haulage up to customer's door for picking up the goods.
  • Storage of goods at our terminal for as long as customer's needs.
  • Customs clearance and/or T2L issuance with the minimum possible cost.
  • Insueance coverage of the whole transportation (calss A' - all risks)
  • Shipment of goods to the desired destination with the most reliable service and less transit time
  • Delivery of goods up to customer's door at destination port ( DDU & DDP)

Also note that we have a special department that can handle:

  • Packing of goods at customer's home/store
  • Stuffing of container at our warehouse
  • Documentation of goods (issue invoice _ packing list, certificates from chamber of commerce E.T.C.)
  • Seal & securing of container for maximum safety, using unique numbered metallic seals.

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